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About | Priona Resort - Family Vacation in Skotina Beach Greece

The Priona Resort

Priona Resort is family-run business in the field of tourism since 1995.  With passion and love for tourism we have created amenities of relaxation and pleasure to be able to convey the Greek hospitality in the best way. Located in Skotina Beach Pieria under the shadow of Mountain Olympus, the house of the Ancient Greek Gods. Priona Resort is consisted of three unique properties the Priona RoomsPriona Studios and Kalouda Rooms where you can find the most suitable place for you. Every each of the properties are build for Family vacations providing a sore of amenities with big and comfortable rooms. The Pieria Region is really famous for the cultural sightseeings like the Ancient Dion and the Castle of Platamonas which are located very close to our property. On the other hand the Pieria Region provides a really Green experience where you can Hike on Mountain Olympus, see the waterfalls and swim at beautiful sea while enjoying the exceptional view. Skotina Beach provides multiple choices regarding to Greek traditional food, nightlife and interractive activities in the best combination with nature and sea.

The Priona Rooms for the 3rd time in row is getting awarded with the property of excellence award from Booking.com. We are really happy for getting there and thank you all for the support. It is really a great thing for us and you help us for getting better year after year. Check Priona Rooms Here!


The Kalouda Rooms for 2015 got the award with the 8.4 reviews rate. For 2016 our review rate reached the 8.7 and we are going to be awarded by the beginning of 2017. We are really happy about getting better year after year and this is our primary goal. Our next long-run goal is to overpass the 9.0 of the reviews  at booking.com main website. Check Kalouda Rooms  Here!

The Priona Studios is our newest property and got to the booking system this year. The review rate is 9.2 and we are going to be awarded at the beginning of 2017 for the certification of excellence via the Booking.com’s system. Extremely excited about the nomination. You can Check the Priona Studios Here!


It only takes a family and passion. That was always our dream about Priona Resort. To create a place where families from all over the world will come and have the most unique vacation experience. Swim in the sea, go hiking at Mt. Olympus, go cycling in the forest. We are always do our best. Waiting for you to be the next real traveller!

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