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Priona Resort is a family business based in tourism since 1995. With passion and love we have tried to create the best conditions in order to make you feel our place like home! We are located in Skotina Beach at the foot of Mount Olympus and the house of the ancient greek Gods. Priona Resort is consisted of three properties ,Priona Rooms ,Kalouda Rooms and Priona Studios so you can choose the perfect type of accommodation that meets your personalised needs. Enjoy our services in Skotina Beach, filled with the eternal sunlight of Greece and with conveniences that add to a sanctuary of relaxation and excitement.

Why to Choose Skotina!

Skotina Beach is a unique destination for visitors who want a quiet and family vacation. It combines the Mountain and the sea while from the beach it overlooks the Castle of Platamonas! It is located just 30 km. from Katerini and 5km. from Leptokarya. 

Priona Resort consists of three unique businesses. Priona Rooms, Kalouda Rooms & Priona Studios. They are all family-oriented. You can choose the one that suits you. Experience the most unforgettable summer experience now.


παραλια σκοτινας

Priona Rooms consists of 9 rooms in a space of 4 acres with a playground, a football field and a volleyball court. It consists of two rooms fully equipped and autonomous rooms. 



Kalouda Rooms consists of 6 rooms with private courtyard, playground and parking. It is ideal for short and long family vacations. It consists of two rooms. 



Priona Studios are 4 fully equipped Studios within walking distance of the beach. They are one-room and have a large yard, playground and pergola. Learn more here! 

We Create the Best Family Experiences!

Our rooms are designed to accommodate your most family moments. With infrastructure for relaxing holidays and with many activities we give parents the opportunity to relax while their children play carefree in a very quiet and friendly environment! 

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