Cookies Policy

General information

Cookies are small text files that contain information about browsing and they are stored in the web browser of your computer while browsing our website.  At Temes’ website we use these technologies, in order to provide the visitors of our website with an improved experience and better services.

Please see the categories below in order to learn more about the categories of cookies that we use.

Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website and for us to provide you with the functionalities of the website you choose. Further functions include the prevention of misuse of our services, as well as the storage of your choices concerning privacy. According to legislation, their acceptance does not require your action.

Preference Cookies

They facilitate your personalization while browsing the website. The language you prefer, as well as your other options, allow us to provide you with the best possible browsing, adjusted to your needs. Third parties may have access to this information.

Performance Cookies

They make us capable of constantly improving the level of our services, by collecting and analyzing statistics concerning your transfer from another website to us and in general concerning visits to our website (e.g number of visits, more frequent searches). Third parties may have access to this information.

Marketing Cookies

Third parties use your online activity to the website for the purposes of analysis and consequent commercial/ advertising use, for example, in order to analyze your online activity to the website and show you relevant content. Third parties have access to this information.

What choices do I have?

You have two options. You may proceed either to acceptance of cookies and other mechanisms (“Accept all”), which will conclude to your access in all functionalities of our website, either to personalization of your options for cookies, which may degrade your experience (“Save options”).

Necessary cookies are placed when logging in to our website. Legislation allows us to place them without your previous action or consent, as they are completely necessary either from a technical point of view, or to offer you services or functions that you choose. Unfortunately, if you don’t want to place them, you shall not use our services and delete manually from your browser the cookies that have already been placed.

Provided that you choose the button “Accept all” that you will find next to the initial basic information we provide you with, as well as under the pop-up more complete information (banner),  Preference, Performance and Marketing Cookies are placed. We will remember your choice for one year. After this period, or if you visit us through a new device or new browser, we will ask you again.

By clicking the button “Save options” that you will find under the pop-up more complete information (banner), any of the categories “Preference”, “Performance”, “Marketing” that you have chosen, is placed, by ticking the relevant box and we will remember your option for one year. If you haven’t ticked any box and choose “Save Options”, then solely Necessary Cookies will be saved and next time you visit us, we will ask you again.

Change options – Withdrawal of consent

You may change the option you have made regarding cookies and relevant technologies to our website at any time for the future. At the bottom part of this Policy  you will find two choices: “Accept all” and “Save Options”. Regardless of your choice the last time we asked you through a pop-up window, if you want cookies and other technologies to be placed, you may choose again through these fields easily, immediately and for free.

For example, if you had chosen “Accept all” and changed your mind, you may choose at the bottom part of this Policy any (or none) of these cookie categories that you want and click “Save options”. This action will count as withdrawal of the consent you had given to us and will apply to the future, i.e after this change our website won’ t use (the specific) cookies and relevant technologies at your device. In case you also want to remove cookies that had already been placed at your device before the aforementioned withdrawal of your consent, then you may do it manually, by following the guidelines you will find in the section “Control cookies through browser – Delete cookies”above.

Control cookies through browser – Delete cookies

You may control and manage cookies through your browser settings. Among the options you have (depending on the browser) are, for example, the acceptance of all cookies, the existence of a warning for the placement of cookies or/ and the prohibition of their placement.

Respectively, through your browser settings, you may reverse any acceptance of cookies and relevant technologies by our website, by deleting the already stored files.

In order to manage and deactivate cookies, you may follow the relevant guidelines in every browser: